thumbnailNagel is a firm with more than 30 years working in the area of architecture and design. We have in our experience residential and commercial projects, among others.

Nagel S.A arises as a company engaged to the architecture and construction in Costa Rica.

In more than 25 years of experience we have in our experience housing, industrial, commercial and tourist projects.

We offer a service with a prompt and personalized response. We have a group of advisors and qualified personnel to solve any type of project:

  • Site analysis
  • Sustainable architectural design.
  • Development of constructive plans
  • Master plans
  • Expansion and refurbishment.
  • Internal design.
  • Process of issuing work permits
  • Budget creation.
  • Supervision and inspection of works.

RSE Architecture

Social responsibility¨ and ¨sustainable architecture¨ today is a tendency but for Nagel S.A is a tradition.

Our designs are adapted to the context and the topography, they become integrated to the nature through its large windows, terraces and balconies which allow the natural light and ventilation to come in.

The big eaves and the pergolas protects from the direct sunlight, being an energy- saving.


The bio-climatic design and the use of renewable energy have been always present in our projects.  Searching for an architecture to fit into our climate, culture and labour has been for more than 25 years an integral part of the Nagel S.A architecture.

Social responsibility is always present in our company.

RSE Projects